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Valle d’Itria tour

Valle d'Itria

from € 30 (1 loc)
from € 87 (2 loc)

2 loc.: 6:30 h
1 loc.: 2 h

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Visit Valle d’Itria in one day

This area in the center of Puglia is among the most heterogeneous and complete in the whole region. Beyond the famous Alberobello, home of the Apulian symbolic trulli, we recommend visiting the most hidden pearls that will surprise you such as Martina Franca, an elegant town with chic shops, Locorotondo, known not only for its beauty, but also for its wine and the summer festival of Jazz music, or Cisternino, a village-favor where the tasty meat of traditional cuisine is not to be missed.

Even the nature here is special, and contains very different habitats, being a short distance from enchanting beaches with crystal clear water or intense blue sea, and archaeological sites, dry stone walls among ancient olive or almond trees and lively villages; a corner of Puglia where visiting farms and peasant homes for an unforgettable tasting of local products is highly recommended. Go hunting for bruschetta, bombette, oil, tomatoes, wine and cheeses that you will not find anywhere else.

About the tour

You can choose one of the towns of valle d’Itria (1 location) or you can choose two (2 loc.). If you choose 1 it will be a walking tour, and you will meet with the Organizer directly on place. If you choose 2, the Organizer can give you a car lift for free to reach the different towns. The visit of Valle d’Itria by foot to discover the hidden gems of the city is recommended for those who love calm and prefer to appreciate all the details invisible to a quick eye. All PlacenPeople organizers who will accompany you on cultural tours are licensed professional tour guides.

Costs (and inclusions)

– FLEXI TOUR: the participation fee for this type of tour is € 87 per person with a minimum of 3 people. The passage by car is free, so even if you prefer to use your own car, the cost does not change. The activity of the organizer is included in the cost, while anything else is excluded (snacks, lunch, souvenirs, etc.) and entrance tickets to monuments or churches are excluded (which are however optional). Based on 3 dates chosen by you, we will tell you the date on which one the tour will start within 2 days from the first available date.

– OPEN TOUR: as for the flexi tour, the open tour is also a group tour, so other people can join. The difference is that the open tour allows you to choose the date on which to do the tour; the amount of € 20 must be added to the total amount.

– PRIVATE TOUR: the flexi tour is a group tour, so other people can join. In case you want to make a private tour, the amount of € 50 must be added to the total amount, and no other external reservations will be accepted.

– CHILDREN: PlacenPeople organisers apply a total discount for children up to 3 years old, while the payment is half-price up to 10 years old. From 11 years old they are considered adults. If a free car liftis required in the presence of small children, an extra charge may be required for the rental of the seat, if necessary.


  • 1/2 PERSONS: booking is also accepted for a single guest (€ 150) or two guests (€ 94 per person).
  • SINGLE LOCATION: you can also choose to remove one location, so the tour will take place in half day (and you will pay 150 euros in total for 2 people).
  • AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: the standard tour is available in English and Italian; other languages are available upon request.

The cost of any extras will be agreed before you complete the booking. The entrance to the monuments and indoor places is optional. The organizers are certified tour guides or tour leaders with a licence.

Duration and Period

The tours can last from a few hours visit to the whole day. For activities immersed in nature the recommended period is from spring to autumn (March-October), while cultural tours are available all year round.

Available places

These tours generally start with any number of participants. Remember to ask placenpeople (button below) to know if there are availableplaces in the date you choose.

How to book

💬- chat with PlacenPeople on Whatsapp or write to 

📩- PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

💳- You will pay a deposit with PayPal or card. Activities in PlacenPeople are sold directly by the Organizers.

👍- You and the Organizer will talk by phone and meet on the day of the activity. You will complete the payment directly to him/her. 


By completing the payment, you agree to the Terms of Use. In case of cancellation, only the deposit is lost. Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before midnight on the date of the activity by writing to PlacenPeople and the Organizer (e.g. activities on July 5th, cancellation possible until July 3rd).

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Enjoy the experience!


PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

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