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Food, Food workshop From €54.00

Cheese, bread and taralli workshop in Mottola


from € 54 per person
(2 workshops + 1 free)

4 h



Put your hands in the dough! For this workshop you will find yourself in an ancient farm, surrounded by large rural spaces and stables for animals. Together with expert local producers with decades of history, you will put your hands in the dough in 2 different workshops (plus a third for free!):

– cheese workshop: you can make mozzarella, and possibly other types of cheeses; you will discover the various steps, from milk to the finished product;

– bakery workshop: you can make bread and taralli; after the preparation of the dough, you will give shape to your work and you can also bake it, to admire the final creation 🙂

At the end of each workshop, you will be able to taste the delicacies produced by the experience of our Organizer.

In the breaks, and at the end of the workshops, you will have time to visit the farm and enjoy the beautiful rural environment.

Furthermore, as a gift, you will be offered participation in one (of your choice, if both are available) of the following activities:

 – harvesting workshop: depending on the period, you can participate in a fruit picking experience or other seasonal products

 – breeding workshop: our organizer will lead you on the path, usual for him, through which the main activities related to the breeding of goats, cows and other animals are carried out. (see here)


The participation fee for this type of experience is 54 € per person. It includes the lesson, the use of the ingredients, and the final tasting of what has been prepared. The cost of an interpreter is not included for a language other than Italian. Classes are formed starting from a minimum of 2 adults. Children pay half up to 10 years. Additionally, the free experience is also included, to be chosen among those indicated in the description (if both available you can choose). If you want to have two additional experiences instead of one, just add € 18 / pers (ie 72€/pers. for a total of 4 workshops).

Starting time

Early in the morning is recommended, as with all rural activities. The workshops are open between 8 and 13 and each activity lasts about 1 hour, so it is advisable to start no later than 9.00. The starting time can be indicated during the booking. The activities are available all year round (between January and June the collection activity is generally not available).

How to get there

Our organizer awaits you a short distance from Mottola, in the Taranto countryside area. Arrival by car is recommended. More information will be provided at the time of booking.


At certain times, the law in force may require the possession of a green pass. If you don’t have it, please mention it at the time of booking so that we can make a quick check.


The PlacenPeople organizers of this activity speak Italian, and recommend the presence of an interpreter for other languages. If you need an interpreter, you can ask PlacenPeople (it could be the same guide that accompanies you to Mottola, for example).

How to book

💬- chat with PlacenPeople on Whatsapp or write to 

📩- PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

💳- You will pay a deposit with PayPal or card. Activities in PlacenPeople are sold directly by the Organizers.

👍- You and the Organizer will talk by phone and meet on the day of the activity. You will complete the payment directly to him/her. 


By completing the payment, you agree to the Terms of Use. In case of cancellation, only the deposit is lost. Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before midnight on the date of the activity by writing to PlacenPeople and the Organizer (e.g. activities on July 5th, cancellation possible until July 3rd). This activity depends on the weather conditions: in case the organizer judges the ctivity not feasible, he can propose to postpone it or, if impossible, can cancel it (with full refund).

Acivity code: EXP00184

Organizers:  AMD3236


Enjoy the experience!


PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

Need help?

Contact us on WhatsApp or write to

Gift Ideas

Do you want to offer this experience as a gift to someone? It couldn't be easier: use a PlacenPeople Voucher! In addition, you will give to the recipient the freedom to choose a different activity if he/she wants. You can chat with PlacenPeople or have a look HERE.