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Tours, Walking tour From €30.00

Castel del Monte tour

Castel del Monte

from € 30 per person

2 h

walking tour

Visit Castel del monte

Castel del Monte, a UNESCO heritage site, is a particular sample of medieval architecture, a combination of stylistic elements ranging from Romanesque to Gothic with a strong Islamic influence in the subtleties of its mosaics. Its ingenious octagonal plan is full of esoteric meanings and it’s designed to create symmetries of light on the days of the solstice and equinox.

The surrounding landscape and the mountain on which the castle is perched give a unique and mystical atmosphere to this place shrouded in mystery. In particular, the exterior of the castle is recommended, much more than the interior. In the visit conducted by our guides you will discover one of the protagonists of medieval European history, Frederick II of Swabia, and the building he wanted and loved so much, which was his home, hunting lodge, and a treasure chest of countless fascinating secrets.

About the tour

Upon arrival it’s necessary to leave the car in a parking lot and reach the castle with a special shuttle service. All PlacenPeople organizers who will accompany you on cultural tours are licensed professional tour guides. The meeting point with the guide will be indicated after booking. In this tour, the entrance to the building is not included in the visit: visitors have to pay an entrance ticket. Anyway, our guides can show you the interior upon request (you can ask this during the reservation).

Within the PlacenPeople community, however, many guides do not recommend visiting the interior, it’s rather preferable to enrich the visit with the discovery of a small pearl which is the nearby city of Trani, as suggested in our daily 2-locations tours Castel del Monte / Trani, where our guides are often available to share a ride by car for free.

Costs (and inclusions)

  • STANDARD PRICE: the participation fee for this tour is € 30 per person with a minimum of 2 people. The activity of the guide is included in the cost, while anything else is excluded (snacks, lunch, entrances, souvenirs, etc.).

Possible variations:

  • PRIVATE TOUR: The standard tour is a group tour, so other people can join. In case you want to make it a private tour, the amount of € 30 must be added to the total amount, and no other reservations will be accepted.
  • WITH TASTINGS: it includes the addition of gastronomic tastings to the cultural tour. The price in this case is € 45 per person in total.
  • AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: The standard tour is available in English and Italian; other languages are available with a small extra (which will be communicated before booking).
  • CHILDREN: PlacenPeople organisers apply a total discount for children up to 3 years old, while the payment is half-price up to 10 years old, with a minimum payment of two adult fees. From 11 years old they are considered adults.

Duration and Period

The tours have a duration of about 1 hour travel included, and almost all the organizers leave freedom of choice on the departure time. We recommend spending the time in Castel del Monte just long enough to admire the outside, rest a little and take a thousand souvenir photos, and then dedicate most of the day to visiting a second place. Available all year round.

Available places

Tours generally start with groups of 2 to 25 participants, but many organizers are flexible and also start with one person, or with groups larger than 25. On tours where you visit only one city, you meet directly on site: the organizer will indicate the meeting point immediately after booking, often agreeing this point with the guest.

Alternatively, if you choose a two-locations daily tour, including Castel del Monte, our organizers are available to offer – often free of charge – a ride by car (in the case of a few people) or to organize transport by bus or minibus (in case of groups).

How to book

💬- chat with PlacenPeople on Whatsapp or write to 

📩- PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

💳- You will pay a deposit with PayPal or card. Activities in PlacenPeople are sold directly by the Organizers.

👍- You and the Organizer will talk by phone and meet on the day of the activity. You will complete the payment directly to him/her. 


By completing the payment, you agree to the Terms of Use. In case of cancellation, only the deposit is lost. Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before midnight on the date of the activity by writing to PlacenPeople and the Organizer (e.g. activities on July 5th, cancellation possible until July 3rd).

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Enjoy the experience!


PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

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