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Unusual activity From €25.00

Hunt for the treasures of Bari


from € 25 per person

2 h



The Hunt for the treasures of Bari is an interesting game, conceived by PlacenPeople, in which the guests can explore the city and discover its culture in a very funny way.

This is not a game for children, although also children can have fun. In this journey organized in stages you will be asked to solve puzzles that will be found along the way. The entire journey was conceived with the collaboration of a famous scholar of the history of Puglia, a well-known signature, so everything you will live is historically founded. We will follow an intriguing narrative, about the battle that the people of these places had to perform in the various ages to survive the events that have affected these territories, and in doing so through the clues we will have the opportunity to know, in an unusual way, this wonderful city.

You will discover the charms of this ancient land through this veritable treasure hunt, and everything you see will remain in your memory not only as a visual image but – above all – through the events that you will find yourself investigating firsthand…before time runs out!


The cost is € 25 per person and includes the activity of the Organizer, who acts as a “master”, so they will support you during the game. 

The Organizer will be with you all the time, but will not offer a guided tour of the city, because you will discover all the important cultural aspects by yourself, while solving the puzzles… The Organizer will be there to provide you with the materials you will need, and to register your time. Children up to 3 years can participate for free, and between 4 and 12 pay half of the price. 


Starting time

The game has a duration of about 2:00 hours. The starting time is flexible, so you can coordinate with the Organizer, who will take into account the opening hours of the various places you will pass through. This game is available all year round.

How to get there

The starting point is in Bari, at the entrance of the old town: the cross road between Via Sparano and Corso Vittorio Emanuele (there is a huge map on the ground). We recommend arriving 5 minutes earlier than departure time. After booking it will be possible to speak by phone for more details.


The organizers speak Italian and English. For other languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc..) an extra cost can be required during reservation.

Winner rankings:

Teams that did it before (time is counted only while solving puzzles. time: hours.minutes):
time: 0.05 – Team Arancino
time: 0.12 – Team Bari (from Abu Dhabi)
time: 0.15 – Maet oaic
time: 0.16 – Team Janét
time: 0.19 – Maverik
time: 0.19 – Michele e Giada
time: 0.20 – Team Etna
time: 0.21 – I wanna live here
time: 0.21 – Team castello
time: 0.21 – Leonardo e Cerasella
time: 0.21 – Johnxxx
time: 0.23 – Madd & Co
time: 0.24 – Mark & Anne-Sophie
time: 0.24 – Team 4 people
time: 0.24 – Team USA
time: 0.24 – Hands
time: 0.26 – From Warsaw with love
time: 0.26 – Alberto e Anna
time: 0.26 – S & J
time: 0.27 – Fred R
time: 0.28 – Grazie
time: 0.28 – Markus & Anne
time: 0.28 – Pietro
time: 0.28 – Team Puglia
time: 0.28 – Graziella e Pietro
time: 0.34 – Elementary Watson!
time: 0.34 – Andrea e Stefania
time: 0.34 – Spy story
time: 0.35 – Non plus ultra
time: 0.39 – Stefano, Matilde e Irene
time: 0.44 – Antonio’s team
time: 0.46 – Gli Aristogatti persi
time: 0.47 – St. Nicola’s friends
time: 0.49 – Angelica e Simone
time: 0.50 – Donuts
time: 0.53 – Kevin and Anne
time: 0.54 – Valenciaaa
time: 0.57 – a couple of wanderers
time: 0.57 – The warriors
time: 1.03 – Aalborg team
time: 1.05 – chian chian
time: 1.15 – Mr _
Congrats to all the winners!!!!

How to book

💬- chat with PlacenPeople on Whatsapp or write to 

📩- PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

💳- You will pay a deposit with PayPal or card. Activities in PlacenPeople are sold directly by the Organizers.

👍- You and the Organizer will talk by phone and meet on the day of the activity. You will complete the payment directly to him/her. 


By completing the payment, you agree to the Terms of Use. In case of cancellation, only the deposit is lost. Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before midnight on the date of the activity by writing to PlacenPeople and the Organizer (e.g. activities on July 5th, cancellation possible until July 3rd).

Acivity code: EXP00131

Organizers:  SIC0997, DEN1217, COL0965


Enjoy the experience!


PlacenPeople will send your request to the Organizer and reply with his confirmation

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Gift Ideas

Do you want to offer this experience as a gift to someone? It couldn't be easier: use a PlacenPeople Voucher! In addition, you will give to the recipient the freedom to choose a different activity if he/she wants. You can chat with PlacenPeople or have a look HERE.