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“PlacenPeople” or “Place and People”

Placenpeople (place and people) : tour and experience one click far

A few weeks ago, a guest passing through Puglia asked us why the union of these two words( place and people ), “Placenpeople”, was never asked. If ou want, there would be many ideas more “marketing oriented” and with immediate effect. It sometimes seems that the world is just marketing. So why

The idea of ​​PlacenPeople is very simple: in organizing a tour of Lecce, rather than a boat ride on the Gargano, or maybe a laboratory of orecchiette and pasta in Bari, what gives flavor to an experience is not just to “see” something, but it’s “doing” something TOGETHER with someone. Getting to know each other, transmitting ideas.

You can not discover the true sea if not with a sailor, nor the real cooking if not with those who love it. In the same way, you can not know the real Puglia if not with a person who loves those places.

PlacenPeople merges the two words place + people because the “place” alone is not everything, while when you add “people” the tours and experiences leave much deeper memories, and they transmit stories that you can tell in turn to others. Only in this way the quality of the experience is increased.

On the other hand, this is what gives meaning to everything, because life itself is nothing but a set of experiences.

Signed: Aldo’n’Chiara

place and people